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Gifts of Your Time
If you would like to volunteer your time and work with CSBR in promoting science education in California schools and in expanding knowledge about the importance of biomedical research to the general public, please contact us!
(916) 558-1515

Donations to CSBR
Giving to CSBR is one of the most important ways that friends and supporters can demonstrate their belief in the mission of the Society, and their support of the educational programs we offer.

Give Online!

While CSBR is supported primarily by grants from private and corporate foundations, it is private gifts that will help us expand and strengthen our educational programs, broaden our outreach to the community, and increase the quantity and quality of the educational materials we distribute each year to California's science and health teachers.

Donations to the CSBR are tax-deductible and go directly to support educational programs in California's K-12 classrooms and public outreach initiatives. Your charitable gift will make a direct and immediate impact on science education and further dissemination of knowledge about the role of animals in the advancement of biomedical research and medical discovery.

If your employer or your spouse's employer offers a matching gift program, your gift to CSBR may be matched one-to-one or even four-to-one.

In addition, you can direct your United Way donations to CSBR by writing in "California Society for Biomedical Research" on your institutional/corporate United Way form.